About us & our contented clients

Pads ‘n’ Paws are fully insured in respect of Public and Third Party Liability and we are proud to be members of The National Petsitters Association (NARP). We are also 'Police CIB Checked'. Below are some of our Contented Clients.....

In 2004 I setup Pads 'N' Paws.
We were the first company of its kind in the area. To work with cats & dogs was my dream, as I had owned pets my whole life. One of the reasons we didn't go on holiday very often was because I didn't want to leave my pets!
As all pets are different, our service is tailored to your pets needs for your peace of mind.
We are now a small team of dedicated pet lovers, we are extremely flexible & work 365 days of the year looking after cats & dogs (plus Rabbits, Guinean Pigs & Hamsters!).
Local vets recommended us and so do our customers, so why not give us a try?

Louise Geary-May. (Owner).
The Pads 'N' Paws Team
Louise (Left) with Dawn

Alfie is a lovely brown spaniel pup, he loves his walk and to meet other dogs.
Barney loves to find sticks on his walk and have a good chew!
Becky & Bailey LOVE to race around and play fight on their walk.
They love to meet other dogs and go wild if they see a cat!
Boris lives with his sister Daisy. They both love to play!
Birth Loves to swim in the river & cause general chaos & mayhem! Then he sleeps...!!
Bruce is a gorgeous Labrador and he loves his lunchtime walk to the park.
Buttercup, Amber, Bambi, Deeley & Black Cat are all lovely and they love their treats when we feed them and Black Cat loves to have a play.
Chaplin is a lovely chap & loves his walks along the river.
Charlie is lovely. He loves his walks and having a good sniff around!
Cooper is a lovely Spaniel who loves his lunchtime walks.
Daisy lives with her brother Boris, both are very playful!
Dennis lives with Lil and they love to plat football with rolled up bits of paper and gets lots of fuss!
Dennis can usually be found on the bed!
Felix & Tui are looked after when their mum and dad go on holiday. They love to play and most importantly receive plenty of fuss!!
This is Figaro. She is very fussy and met me at the door every day. She is VERY fussy & playful! She lives with her brother Merlin who is a little shy.
Guinea Pigs, Lots of Guinea Pigs!!! Too many names to list! All very cute, especially the babies!
Gutso_&_Mr Slick
Gutso and Mr Slick are very noisy guinea pigs who LOVE vegetables and a few hours out on the lawn for a munch on some grass.
Henry & Bumble love to race around the garden chasing their toys and Henry enjoys sitting in plant pots!
Jasper & Maisie
Beautiful brother & sister. Jasper & Maisieare very playfully & love a game of football on the stairs.
Jess and MrP meet me at the door when I arrive, they are very friendly and love lots of fuss.
Lil loves football and races around the house like a maniac, then eats his dinner!
LouLou and Jackson are lovely lively spaniels who love our lunchtime visit.
Merlin is very shy, however he got used to me after a couple of days and normally greeted me at the top of the stairs for a bit of a fuss.
Millie & Charlie are looked after when there mum & dad go on holiday.
When Charlie was a kitten, he was let out to play on a lead. He's all grown up now.
Missy is a very playful Staffie, she loves to chase her ball and really enjoys her lunchtime visit.
Monty is a border pup, currently in training and doing very well.
Murphy is the most fussy cat. He loves belly rubs and attention, his sister Willow is very shy.
Nika is a very playful collie who loves her daily walk along the river Trent.
Orla is a lovely old lady Labrador, she really enjoys her lunchtime walk with us and has a lovely sniff then lots of fuss!
Oscar & Tillie love their lunchtime walk! We usually have a run along the river & the water gardens, they love to meet other dogs too!!
Purdi & Pip are very fussy and love lots of attention & cuddles.
Sophie is a beautiful grey playful cat, she enjoys a game of football with cat treats!
Spike loves his walk and enjoys running round in circles playing, also he tries very hard to go via the leopard pub!
Tetley & Teabag (the terrible two!) are looked after when their owner goes away on business. They squeak very loudly when the fridge door is opened...
Thelma loves a belly rub before going outside. Her sister Louise is quite shy though so we don't see as much of her as Thelma.
Tom & Saffy live with Sally (who is camera shy). They are VERY fussy and Tom has to have a cuddle on each visit, they also LOVE Turkey.
Valentine lives with Isabel, Kale, Clottie & 30 Guinea Pigs. We look after them when his dad goes away on holiday. Val loves a cuddle.
Ziggy is very fussy and very vocal for a cuddle when we arrive and loves belly rubs!